4 Most Common Types of Terrazzo Flooring

terrazzo flooring in australiaTerrazzo flooring is widely known for its durability, versatility, and the fact that it is super easy to clean. It is a composite material, meaning it made a mix of different materials. Terrazzo tile is, in fact, one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options.

There are a number of terrazzo flooring available in the market. Here are four of the most common and highly used types of terrazzo flooring.

  1. Cement Terrazzo

Cement terrazzo is mostly used in the commercial sector, particularly in areas with high foot traffic, like airports, and malls, due its strength and durability, and being a cost-effective option makes it a preferred choice. It required professional installation and extra care regarding proper weather conditions suitable for a neat installation, ensuring no cracks. Since a keen eye is required during preparation and installation, the results last long for almost a hundred years or even more if maintained with adequate measures.

  1. Sand Cushion Terrazzo

The basic construction of this type of terrazzo is its main feature. It is crafted by layering different materials like isolation sheets, wire mesh, and sand. It is one of the best choices for adding any designs, manufacturer logo, or any sort of colorful artwork.

  1. Epoxy Terrazzo

Super easy maintenance of epoxy terrazzo gets it the highest demands. It comes with unlimited customization options and its versatility makes it perfect for residential usage, ranging from flooring to wall art and counter tops. However, it is not suitable for exterior use as it cannot endure extreme weather conditions. Many people leave it as an option wondering does terrazzo flooring contain asbestos. The man made terrazzo does not contain asbestos, so ultimately they are good for your health as well.

  1. Rustic Terrazzo

This smooth, epoxy-like terrazzo is suitable for exterior due to its natural slip-resistant surface. They are commonly used in pools and outdoor and commercial areas with high foot traffic.

Terrazzo is one of the finest man made flooring materials that is simply perfect for every area. If you want to know does terrazzo flooring contain asbestos, it is a better way to ask a professional in this regard.

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