Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo is a great flooring choice, especially for residential use. Terrazzo is made up of resin or concrete and marble chips that make smooth surface when combined and creates a beautiful ambiance in your home. It is a great financial decision as many people consider it an expensive choice but it saves money in the long run. Cleaning and maintaining terrazzo tile is super easy and cheap but it doesn’t mean to neglect it by any means.

If you are wondering why is terrazzo a good material for floors, well, the maintenance makes sense in this regard. Here are some convenient ways to keep your terrazzo looking as good and fresh and new.

  1. Sweep Regularly

Regular sweeping to remove loose crumbs, dust, and debris is essential. You can simply use a normal broom or dry mop for sweeping.

  1. Mop Often

If you can’t mop daily, then mop three times a week with plain water or a neutral floor cleaner. It is a good and easy way to keep the dirt from accumulating on the floor and grouts.

  1. Rinse Thoroughly

Rinsing your terrazzo doesn’t have to be a regular chore, but it should be done once or twice a month according to your use and foot traffic. Use plain water to thoroughly rinse the floor and a squeegee to get rid of the dirt water after rinsing. You can also use a wet vacuum.

  1. Buff

Don’t forget to buff the floor after rinsing to restore the shine. Buffing won’t take long with terrazzo, unlike other stone-based floors.


Harsh cleaners with high acidic and alkaline properties can damage your terrazzo. Therefore, it is best to opt for something with a neutral pH level. When it comes to sealing, it is best to achieve a non-slip coat as terrazzo itself is a smooth surface.

Homeowners who don’t know why is terrazzo a good material for floors? Cleaning and maintenance is the most important factor for choosing your floors and this is why terrazzo is one of the top choices.

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