Terrazzo Tiles are Getting Back in Trend – 3 Reasons Why

Terrazzo flooring’s origin dates back to 1890’s and since then, terrazzo tile has won the hearts of homeowners across the globe. Be it America, Australia, or Asia, terrazzo flooring is one of the top listed options. While it is a versatile option, it is practical on the other hand that gives a win-win situation. Is terrazzo flooring expensive or not, this idea can easily be estimated by the ease of maintenance it offers.

Terrazzo has already been in trend for a thousand years but it hasn’t received mush spotlight like granite, ceramic, and marble lately. The texture and beauty come with terrazzo floors can be molded according to the modern trends or as per your desires. With such and more amazing qualities, here is why terrazzo flooring is getting back in trend.

Broad Design Prospect

While terrazzo is a man-made flooring, each piece is unique. It is available in every color and can be cut and crafted in any shape and design you want, fulfilling all desires for natural shades and modern appeals.


Along with design possibilities comes versatility. Terrazzo is resistant to water and heat as well as easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for homes. They can be used anywhere, like kitchens, terraces, bathrooms, bedrooms, corridors and wherever you like, even on the walls. Terrazzo can be crafted in any design which makes it appropriate for both vintage and modern look.


Since terrazzo is durable, flexible, and versatile, it is normal to ask is terrazzo flooring expensive. It has a higher market value than marble, but it can last for a hundred years and only needs regular sweeping and mopping with warm water to stay nice and clean. So the high purchasing cost evens out the future maintenance cost which is really cheap.

Terrazzo flooring always leaves people captivated with its new and unique designs and styles along with the warmer appearance that creates a calm ambience. So shop around and find your options to make your home look wonderful with terrazzo flooring.

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