What Makes Terrazzo Flooring A Better Option Over Marble?

Terrazzo flooring is widely known for its unique designs and an attractive combination of colors and natural stones used to manufacture it. While there are several flooring options available in the market, terrazzo tile and marble are some of the most demanded floors. So if you are stuck between these two flooring materials, here is a helpful guide to get you to choose the right one for your home.


Easier Maintenance

The number one concern of many homeowners is the maintenance of floor. Terrazzo is chemical and bacteria resistant, whereas marble gets stained easily and requires special cleaning agents and more time to rid them. All you require is a regular mop and clean water. If the question arises that is terrazzo more expensive than marble, but it makes it a good way to save money on future care.

Color Variety

Terrazzo comes in different and unique designs, giving you a vast selection opportunity to match your interiors perfectly. However, marble is a natural stone and comes it is limited color availability.

Environmental-Friendly Option

Since terrazzo is a reusable material made from recycled materials like natural stones and glass and that makes it a natural resource. On the other hand, marble is also a natural stone but is a limited resource that takes a huge amount of energy to be mined and crafted.

Thinner Yet Durable

Terrazzo is known for its strength. While marble is a durable and heavy material, terrazzo is thinner and stronger which can last up to 100 years with normal wear and tear and minimal repairs. Moreover, marble is irreparable once damaged. So if you are wondering is terrazzo more expensive than marble, than this is the reason that makes it a great investment.

More Flexible

Marble is a very dense and inflexible stone while limits its shapes, whereas terrazzo tends to be crafted in your desired shape and design.

These qualities make terrazzo a great option for your home flooring. The unique design, various color options, durability, and flexibility are some of the most important traits a home flooring might needs.

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