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How to DIY Terrazzo Tile Flooring?

How To DIY Terrazzo Tile Flooring Terrazzo tiles are getting popular because of their unique and attractive designs, versatility, and lifetime durability. They are suitable for every space and purpose and compliment every ambiance. How thick is terrazzo flooring? The idea might be that they are very thick determining their durability, but since their binding […]

Terrazzo Flooring – Pros and Cons

Terrazzo Flooring – Pros and Cons Terrazzo flooring has been around for centuries, where Egyptian mosaics have been considered as the best examples of terrazzo art. During the 18th century, Venice introduced innovation in the traditional terrazzo tiles which were then used for decorating homes and also found to be a cheaper option than other […]

4 Most Common Types of Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is widely known for its durability, versatility, and the fact that it is super easy to clean. It is a composite material, meaning it made a mix of different materials. Terrazzo tile is, in fact, one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options. There are a number of terrazzo flooring available in the […]

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo is a great flooring choice, especially for residential use. Terrazzo is made up of resin or concrete and marble chips that make smooth surface when combined and creates a beautiful ambiance in your home. It is a great financial decision as many people consider it an expensive choice but it saves money in the […]

What Makes Terrazzo Flooring A Better Option Over Marble?

Terrazzo flooring is widely known for its unique designs and an attractive combination of colors and natural stones used to manufacture it. While there are several flooring options available in the market, terrazzo tile and marble are some of the most demanded floors. So if you are stuck between these two flooring materials, here is […]

Terrazzo flooring in Australia

Flooring can make your house look new, even when it is not. Good flooring can add a magical change in the look of the house of yours. The floor of the house matters a lot especially when it comes to the looks of the house, having a good floor is equally important as having a […]

Commercial Terrazzo Flooring in Australia

When someone enters your home, the first impression he gets is the ground floor on which is walking into your house. If you really want to know how much one loves his house, simply visit his home and house’s floor condition will give you a very good idea. Purchasing another floor for your home or […]